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    Happy New Year! In 2018 We #FlipTheSenate

    Go to Our Revolution and Brand New Congress

    and support their endorsed candidates!

    #PowerToThePolls Get involved here.

    Go to Fight for the Future to Save the Internet.


    For more info on Bernie's Medicare For All plan: http://bit.ly/2xpEY6r

    We must restore and #DefendDACA.

    Source: http://bit.ly/2x4a5F2

    #45's budget priorities are wrong and dangerous.
    Sources: http://ti.me/2xJr2Rl http://bit.ly/2jFPps6

    We are ready to be Women for Bernie 2020

    Nina Turner speaks for millions of Americans.
    We want to know who will stand with The People

    to work for and demand #MedicareForAll.
    Source: http://bit.ly/2vMv7aK

    Women For Justice remembers Heather Heyer, Sister in Justice.

    Source: http://bit.ly/2wKPmD4



    Please share the latest report on Medicare For All
    via National Nurses United and Sanders Institute.


    CODEPINK: Women For Peace and Women For Justice

    salute Senator Tammy Duckworth for calling out Bradbury as

    unqualified for ANY government job.
    Source: http://bit.ly/2s6QVIF

    Bernie Sanders reviews Trump's Infrastructure plan.

    To read the complete report: http://bit.ly/2rX5n8N

    Check out Women for Justice's new

    Water is Life video celebrating World Water Day 2017.  



  • Who We Are


    Women for Justice began as Women for Bernie Sanders 2016.

    We're an all-volunteer, grassroots group committed to work so that

    women of all ages, races, classes and backgrounds

    are included in the dialogue and the action.


    We believe that profound social and political change can only happen when women take a central role in creating the change.


    We want women to take a strong role in the political revolution,

    from prioritizing and articulating women-centric issues that are

    often ignored by the political elite,

    to defining successful outcomes.


    This is OUR Revolution.


    Why Justice?

    "Finally, let's understand that when we stand together, we will always win.

    When men and women stand together for justice, we win.

    When black, white and Hispanic people stand together for justice, we win." -- Bernie Sanders


    Women For Justice goes beyond Revolution.

    It's not just a call to action. It's a demand for results.

    It's not just in the streets and at the ballot boxes, it's in the laws our representatives create and the truth we expect to be reflected in our media.

    It's not just on the picket lines, it's in the living wages and pay equity we mandate.

    It's not just in the petitions and protest marches, it's in the clean energy jobs created by fair taxing of the financial elite.


    What is the goal of this, OUR revolution? Justice.

    Justice in our jails, our workplaces, our schools, our healthcare. Justice for our planet, our sisters and brothers beyond our borders.


  • Our Plan

    We aim to get women informed and engaged in social and political change

    to realize real results: JUSTICE.

    Informing & Influencing

    Using our social media channels and graphic arts team, we provide thought-provoking coverage of political and social stories that impact women.


    We focus on issues related to justice - reproductive justice, pay equity, criminal justice, environment, civil rights and human rights.


    We offer content in English and Spanish.

    Promoting Progressive Candidates

    & Policy

    We encourage women to run as candidates at all levels of governmental offices, municipal to national, and offer them campaign and reelection support via social media and graphic arts resources.


    We push candidates, both men and women, to articulate stronger pro-women policy and platforms.


    After decades of work by generations of women and allies, ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment should be top priority for ALL legislators. 

    Partnering with ALL Who Work for Justice

    We will partner with other progressive grassroots groups to achieve 'big wins' for women.


    We will maintain close partnerships with organizations like Our Revolution and Brand New Congress, helping them to achieve their goals and giving them regular input on outreach and policy platforms that benefit all women.

    And So Much More...

    We hope to build an organization that lives up to our name,

    Women For Justice.


    Choosing this name and mission challenges us to dig deeper, take stronger stands and go beyond our comfort zones.

    We will always be 'under construction'.

  • Our Team

    We strive to be diverse and inclusive.

    If you're interested in joining us, please contact us.

    Note: Women for Justice has no paid staff. We are all volunteers and peers.

    Millicent Bolden


    I am a retired professor of Spanish American Literature, Latin American Studies and Humanities.

    I remain committed to Bernie Sanders' platform of Social, Racial, Economic and Environmental Justice.

    Cathy Borges


    I'm a single mom of two grown children. My daughter has an MBA and my son is a Wounded Warrior. Although I come from a strong, proud military family, I was loudly against the Iraq war.

    Then I saw Bernie and he put into words what was wrong with the Iraq war and he has been on my radar ever since. There is much to learn from this great man and I happily volunteered to

    help spread that word.

    Jenni Chang


    Copywriter, photo producer.

    I believe in the willpower of women.

    We are nurturers, providers, hell-raisers, mediators.

    We can be as
    visible and solid as mountains,

    as fluid and sweeping as the
    undercurrents of the sea.

    Currently, I am organizing to help pass the Healthy California Act aka SB 562

    to guarantee healthcare for everyone
    in this great state.

    Health Care is a Human Right!​

    Carissa Alexandra Daniels


    I spent 7 years in broadcast journalism--horrified to see what has happened in my old line of work.

    My own experience with domestic violence led to pioneering work in online domestic violence advocacy and from that into my current love as co-director of Safe and Silent No More.

    I fell in love with Bernie’s brand of social democracy early in the process of researching presidential candidates and knew I wanted to be a part of supporting him.

    I’m a senior at Seattle University (majoring in Communications and film), and a single parent.

    Bernie and the people I work with give me hope even at the darkest of times.


    De La Garza


    After years of exposing corruption in our government and organizing communities to stand against the fossil fuel industries, I knew the only step left to take is to be a part of a revolution.

    My Mantra:





    Nicole DiStefano


    I volunteer because I believe we can and should do much better

    for each other.

    Bernie's message gives me hope for

    our future.

    Also, working in health care, I see first hand how our system works and has made me even more geared towards fighting for universal healthcare for all.

    Pat Downs


    I'm a retired librarian from a

    working class background.

    Bernie says his first filter for issues is economic justice. Mine, too.

    I used to have hobbies.

    Now all that's over.

    I spend my days working for

    justice in our country,

    legislation for the people,

    and a future president named

    Bernie Sanders.


    Esparza Wehler



    I will never forget the day I heard that Bernie Sanders was going to announce his candidacy for president in April 2015. It was one of the happiest surprises of my adult life!

    Working with Texas Women for Bernie was a wonderful experience, and I am proud to continue working with Women for Justice.

    Introducing our message to mainstream thinking was the hard part of this journey.

    I truly feel we are just getting started.


    Melissa García


    I'm an aspiring social worker trying to earn her MSW, all while serving my constituents as an elected assembly district delegate.

    My undergraduate degree is in political science, and I've been involved in political activism since I was a teenager. I am an ardent Bernie supporter and identify as a progressive.

    I'm here to advocate and empower!

    Laura Harrington


    After 35 years as an IT professional at HP, I retired to volunteering as a Webmaster & Social Media Coordinator for several non profits, like LCI (Lions Clubs) and HFH (Habitat for Humanity).

    I was drawn to this work by the emergence of Bernie Sanders who I believed was a once in a lifetime candidate.

    By continuing this work I hope to be a part of furthering the causes of

    Equal Rights and Human Rights.


    Hernández Peraza

    Puerto Rico

    I joined this community because I felt compelled by Bernie´s message about justice.

    I believe that we can pursue a fair, inclusive and peaceful society.

    Suzanne Horrocks


    When I needed the social safety net for my young daughter, I vowed to pay it forward someday.

    Being an activist is my way of doing that.

    Denise Kelly


    I have always believed it true that knowledge is power and that if you organize enough knowledgeable people, you will become unstoppable.

    I love being a part of Women for Justice because we are doing just that. We’re working to create a better world, not just for our children and grandchildren, but also for our sisters and brothers that we have never met.

    I’m very proud to part of this organization.

    Lisa Levsen


    I am a Women for Justice because I believe that every citizen deserves the right to healthcare, housing, food, clean water and a non-polluted planet to live on. Beyond these basic human rights are the freedoms of religion, sexual orientation and gender identification.

    I will fight to make these rights forever available to every American.

    Polly Malcolm


    There are so many reasons why I volunteer. I can’t sit back and ignore the injustice and suffering around us all. A few years ago, I watched my eldest brother die of cancer while begging for the little care he received. This was after the ACA. I was horrified that this was happening in a country I’m so proud to belong to.

    I have to fight for a better world for my children and for everyone!

    Monica Marie


    In today's political climate, standing by and opting out are privileges. Democracy only works with active participation - so I volunteer to help raise those grassroots efforts and make our voices heard.

    I want to work towards justice.

    I'm happy to be part of a group that helps people learn more about the issues.

    Amy Markwood


    During the campaign, I worked on

    PA Women for Bernie on both

    Facebook and Twitter.

    I attended the DNC Convention and witnessed the madness.

    I passionately stand up for what I believe is right, and I will always #FeelTheBern!

    Annabelle Márquez

    New Mexico

    I regard myself as a problem-solver. Through my social media work, I would like to inspire others to take individual and collective action for a more just society and a better world.

    Joyce McDonald


    I am here to help, to work together towards a better future for our planet and our children. I want healthcare, higher education for all, clean energy and freedom from discrimination.

    I am a Woman for Justice.

    Ben Moss


    I contribute visuals for social media posts around W4J topics. W4J is an important part of the continuing and the much needed 'Bernie' revolution.

    To me nothing is more important than to connect with like minded people and help guide them to information and resources around social, political and environmental justice.

    Maranda Mulroney


    My life's passion is to be an advocate for people. As an RN, I have built my practice on a foundation of advocacy, but I don't want to stop there.

    I have had experience within the healthcare system as a Case Manager in the acute care setting and currently with Hospice. I also have experience as an advocate for my special needs son within the public school system.

    I am excited to extend my outreach with Women For Justice. I was inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders to get involved during the primaries, and worked with Women For Bernie Sanders as well as a local group during the primaries.

    I am excited to be working with this dynamic group again!




    I am a dancer, writer, observer, spouse, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, expatriated New Yorker turned Maine-iac, and warrior for a saner world.

    I have my own business providing graphic design and other communications services for writers, artists, nonprofits and small businesses - especially those working for health, education, social justice and the arts.

    Teresa Puente


    Writer, editor, educator. I'm a Chicana born and raised in Chicago, now living on the Left Coast.

    Now more than ever we must use our voices to hold government officials accountable to speak out against all forms of injustice and racism.​

    Rosemari Roast


    I am a Woman for Justice because Nona Gaia and All her children need the Medicine of Women and the Medicine of Justice.

    Now more than ever.


    Lissa Squiers


    I love volunteering with Women for Justice because it allows me to share Civic Engagement information with people. We know that civic engagement leads to volunteering, community organizing and voting. Without it, we have no say in our lives.

    With it, we can do anything!

    Helena Sorus


    I was raised in the North Bay of California and have recently returned after many years of travel.

    I am a mother of two young children, one with special needs.

    In addition to advocating for equality,

    I am passionate about the healing power of art and will be returning to school to be an art therapist.

    Krista Stewart


    I volunteer because I care about the environment and ensuring everyone has healthcare.

    My outside interests are animals, traveling, and knitting.

    Brandy Stowe

    New Jersey

    I am an activist to give a voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

    I am an activist to fight against the injustices of the world.

    This is the rent I pay to live on this planet.

  • Alumnus & Partners

    We stand on strong shoulders and draw the circle wider.

    Many of the people who helped create Women for Bernie Sanders 2016

    have gone on to work on other progressive projects.

    We celebrate and support them and the dozens of other women and men

    who have helped us since we began in May 2015.


    If you're an alumnus with progressive work to promote or

    an organization interested in partnering, please contact us.

    Partner for Justice

    We are committed prochoice voters electing representatives who reflect our values.
    We value prochoice leadership, practical action and partnership.
    We are a prochoice nation.

    Let's vote like one.​

    Partner for Justice

    Real Talk is a space specifically centered on WOC leadership, where WOC and allies can come to ask questions, find resources and have discussions. We welcome cis women, transgender women or anyone self-identifying as a woman. The group strives to be diverse in every way and to embrace and support the fact that we are all connected through the intersectionality of our unique backgrounds.
    The interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.
    "Through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us."

    Partner for Justice

    The Peoples Climate Movement is a project of dozens of organizations working together to solve the climate crisis. It started with the historic Peoples Climate March on the eve of the UN Climate Summit in September 2014 when 400,000 people from every walk of life marched through the streets of New York City demanding climate action.​

    Partner for Justice

    DivestLA was launched in partnership between RevolutionLA and Fight Climate Denial. RevolutionLA is a (mostly) millennial driven organization made up of 1500 activists seeking to fight for social, racial, gender, economic and environmental justice. It has three current focus points for Los Angeles: responsible banking and divestment, 100% renewable energy by 2030, and passing an anti-corruption act. Fight Climate Denial is an organization committed to fighting against the misinformation campaigns from the fossil fuel industry and their network of politicians and climate denial organizations, and protecting our shared environment.​

    Allies for Justice

    We are a volunteer-powered, grassroots effort that empowers constituents across the country to have face-to-face conversations with their elected representatives. We are campaign veterans and first time volunteers. We come from a diversity of backgrounds and live across the country. We share progressive values and believe strongly in civic engagement. We research every district and state for public events with Members of Congress. Then we share our findings far and wide to promote participation in the democratic process and make it as accessible as possible for everyone.

    The Town Hall Project offers our town hall event list to everyone, across the entire political spectrum. Our founders are dedicated to progressive values and actively encourage progressive allies to use our town hall data, but we are independent of any political party or organization.

    This movement is diverse, open source, and powered by citizens. We are proud to be a part of it.

    Partner for Justice

    Over 100K women from all walks of life have been encouraged to consider public office through She Should Run’s Ask a Woman to Run program. Our multi-platform ongoing awareness and action campaigns continue to make the case for women’s representation in elected leadership. And our content exclusively developed for our community of women poised for future leadership has garnered thousands of downloads. The She Should Run Incubator is our online program to help more women envision themselves in public leadership, and our way of providing thoughtful guidance and support for women considering a future run.

    Partner for Justice

    Badass Teachers Association Vision

    This is for every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality, and refuses to accept assessments, tests and evaluations imposed by those who have contempt for real teaching and learning.”

    Badass Teacher Association Mission

    We, the members of the Badass Teachers Association, reject profit-driven education reform and through our advocacy demand:

    • Student driven policies and systems that are equitably funded to meet the needs of the students and schools,,,

    Also please subscribe to our blog for updates on our initiatives.

    Partner for Justice

    CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities. The name CODEPINK satirized the Bush Administration's color-coded, fear-mongering "security" alert system that has since been phased out. CODEPINK is a lively call for the people of the world to "wage peace."


    Partner for Justice

    We are singularly focused on electing Berniecrats. The rest is up to you of course, including party choices. We don't want to put anyone in a political straight jacket. We as a page need to stick to advocating for Berniecrats to run for office and support those who do. 

    Partner for Justice

    Can't get to Washington D.C.?

    Find a Sister March near you: http://bit.ly/2ioI3Kx

    Event page: http://bit.ly/2eKDgj2

    Webpage: www.womensmarch.com

    The Rise of The Women * The Rise of The Nation

    Partner for Justice

    ERA Action is dedicated to ratifying the ERA in the timeliest manner possible—to finish what Dr. Alice Paul started nearly a century ago.​

    Partner for Justice

    Giving you the tools you need to find your truths! We are a collective of artists, activists, media producers and truth seekers. Together we work hard to explore personal stories, uncover even the darkest secrets, expose corruption and connect revolutionaries with each other to create some noise and make a change for the better in the United States of America.​

    Partner for Justice

    California's largest Bernie page, we're growing progressive values, promoting grassroots actions, and getting ready to vote Bernie Sanders into the White House in 2020.

    Jenni Siri

    Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 Co-founder, Graphic Artist

    Jenni has gone on to found Our Revolution New Mexico and Frack Free Four Corners. She also works with Frack off Greater Chaco and The People for Bernie Sanders.

    With her serious graphic art skills, Jenni has created some of the finest progressive messaging on the planet.

    Brenda Bierens

    WfB & WfJ Founding Member,

    Tumblr, Instagram, Midwest Region FB

    Brenda is a long-time advocate for those with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Her focus is to ensure all disabled Children and adults receive the services and programs to help them reach their fullest potential. She is committed to make sure that all are given opportunities to become as independent as possible and families can find services and programs to help their loved ones succeed.

    Portia Boulger

    Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 Founding Member, Twitter

    Portia has gone on to work with Save Main St. and continues to work with other progressives in her home state of Ohio and around the country.

    Molly Grover

    Outreach Coordinator

    Molly led our very successful nationwide meet-ups during Bernie's primary race. She continues to work for progressive causes in her new home state, New Hampshire.

    Trudy Turner Ellis

    Western Region FB

    Trudy continues to work for progressive policy in her home state of Utah and recently served as Communications Director for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Misty K. Snow.

    Anoa Changa

    FB Editor Team Leader

    Anoa's an attorney/activist. She works with many progressive organizations and has been a long-time administrator at the FB group African Americans for Bernie.

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