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Justice DENIED for Anthony Lamar Smith

A Women for Justice Blog by Cori Bush

The outcome of the Jason Stockley case has hurt my soul, and it has made me angry.

But it has not surprised me, and it has not surprised St. Louis.

Of course Jason Stockley has not been declared guilty, because this is the way things have gone in St. Louis for too long.

Today, we grieve with our sister Annie Smith, another bereaved mother who has not been given justice for her son, after bearing her grief in the public eye for six long years.

Terribly, tragically, we know how this story goes.

This is the story of Michael Brown.

This is the story of VonDerrit Myers.

This is the story of Anthony Smith.

This is the story of a dead black man and a white cop walking free.

Anthony Lamar Smith was killed for being a black man in St. Louis.

Anthony Lamar Smith and his daughter

His family has waited since 2011 for justice, and that justice has not been delivered.

Now we must stand together as a community, just as we’ve done before.

We can, we must, unite.

I will be on the streets with you, just as I was in 2014.

We will stand and march together because, without justice, that peace which we all strive for will never be complete.

This time, as we protest, we face a new set of powers that would silence us.


We face Governor Eric Greitens and the National Guard he summoned to keep the city orderly at the expense of the voices of the people--at least those voices outside his designated “free speech zones”.

We’ll be facing Mayor Lyda Krewson, and even on a national level, the rhetoric of President Trump--a man who has repeatedly urged police to be more violent with protesters, as if they weren’t violent in the first place.

Through all this, St. Louis will stand together.

The courts have shown that, to them, black lives do not matter.

So we’ll shout above them, and reaffirm each day through our existence, through our continued resistance, that they do.

Our lives always have and always will matter, and we’ll do what it takes to remind America of that fact.

Anthony Lamar Smith did not deserve to die.

His murderer did not deserve to walk free.

The facts are simple: Jason Stockley said he was going to kill Anthony Lamar Smith on his police radio, and 40 seconds later, he did.

But Jason Stockley is white, and Jason Stockley is a policeman.

And evidently, to judge Timothy Wilson, a recorded statement of intent from that white policeman, is somehow not enough to conclude that he is a murderer.

In this time, we must hold our families and friends close.

We must keep each other safe, until we are able to change this system so it keeps us safe, too.
We have a duty to fight for our freedom, even now.

Three years after Ferguson.

For the sake of Anthony Lamar Smith, we have a duty to win.

We must love and support one another.

We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Cori Bush's work as a mental health nurse in St. Louis and her experience overcoming injustice and hardship will make her an exceptional representative for the people in Missouri's 1st District. Ms. Bush is endorsed by Brand New Congress. To learn more and support her, please go to:

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