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My Response to Charlottesville 

A Women for Justice Blog by Nicole Hazard

I am incredibly horrified that this type of hate is on the table in America tonight.

Nothing good will come from it.

Young men with torches terrifying a community, a rallying cry for white pride.

Dear fragile white men, nobody has taken shit from you and everybody has taken shit from you.

You have sexualized and objectified women,

you have stolen entire continents in mass genocide of indigenous people,

you relegate any people of darker skin to an inferior default.

We meet your hate without fear, without malice but with extreme pity.

You are the ones missing out on everything the rest of us have to offer.

Women give life from their bodies, bearing the pain of it into the world in an act of sacred creation.

Brown people have built pyramids that defy engineering.

Beautiful Asian souls built the Great Wall of China and most of the American railroad.

Our Eastern friends are not conscripted to one God but have the freedom to worship compassionately and connect to depths of spirituality that would cause you to stop breathing.

There are legacies in the cultures of the world that are beyond your ability to fathom and it is your fear that begs your false superiority.

So, we pity you the lack of depth, understanding and compassion within your cowardly hearts.

This is not white pride, it is white frIght.​

via @USMCliberal

Nicole Hazard is a community organizer and mother of daughters who seeks to collaborate for social justice with a goal of greater peace through diversity and education.​

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