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Thank You,

Bernie Sanders

If you thought you could not survive a Trump presidency, try to imagine what these past 100 days would have been WITHOUT Bernie Sanders' leadership.

Imagine Trump minus Bernie.

It's a deeply hopeless road we did not have to travel because two years ago today one man stepped into the path and said, "I'll run."   

Our organization started in May, 2015 soon after Bernie announced his candidacy.

We called ourselves Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 because we knew it would be critical to make sure women understood why THIS man was a better choice for women.

Since that day two years ago, dozens of women and men have volunteered with us online and in their communities.

We're now called Women for Justice (WfJ), but this organization will always honor Bernie Sanders, the patriot who rallied with millions of us and turned our lives around by challenging us to think big and stand together.

Millicent Bolden, WfJ Founder, Retired Professor and Facebook Editor from Alabama 

I remember when Bernie was just considering running.

I was so excited about it.

I had been following him for about a year then and I kept saying to myself, just do it!!!!

It was a dream come true!!!! The happiest day in my life for what seemed eons.

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Cathy Borges, WfJ Founder, Grandmother and Facebook Editor from Pennsylvania 

I've been following him forever it seems because he thought the same as me about Iraq and I went totally crazy when he announced!

I have always been vocal and pushed for people to vote.

But when Bernie announced I became engaged and involved. I even went door to door.

Call me Pollyanna. I was deflated with the DNC's corruption but always held out hope until the bitter end.

I think it's very telling that Bernie is still fighting for us but crickets from the other one.

I made the right choice. It just didn't work this time but I haven't lost my hope thanks mostly to Bernie.

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Carissa Alexandra Daniels, Women for Justice Founder, Mother, Student, and Facebook Editor from Washington

How do I boil down the impact Bernie’s hard work in the last two years, has had on my life?

I think about where I might have been if I hadn’t gotten involved with Washington Women for Bernie Sanders, and later Women for Justice, Pacific Region. I would still have been doing social justice, but what Bernie has done for me is to make me much more focused, and showed me how important being involved with the political process really is, for all of us.

He also taught me something of what teamwork can do, when women work together.

With what happened in the election, I think we all realize how important it is to be heard, and to not allow greed and corruption to rule.

Before Bernie, I did what I do because it was “the right thing to do.” Now I also do it because it is imperative for ALL of us to do what we can to save the country from the destruction that is being perpetuated on it. My focus has turned from being one single voice working to fix what is broken; I realize that I have more power to create change as part of a team.

I am so thankful that Bernie chose, not the easy way (let someone else run) but the right way…because even though the mainstream democrats didn’t “let” him win, he lit the flame of change in all our hearts, and that fire can be the thing that gets us through this mess. My hope for the next while is that we will all see the positive turn around we are working so hard for… and that hopefully one day soon, I will get to meet and thank Bernie in person for the work he continues to do, and the powerful impact he’s had on my life.

Two years…and the movement he has started has really just begun.

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Georgia De La Garza, Women for Justice Founder and Midwest FB Editor from Illinois

Bernie and I have always been like-minded.

Over the years, every time I heard one of his statements or read one of his quotes my heart filled with hope knowing that our country was heading down the wrong road.

The moment I heard he was running, I found out where I could jump on his band wagon. I knew it was going to be a hard road to fight the oligarchy we find ourselves in, but being part of the beginning of change was a duty to my two children and to everything we are connected to.

It was a no brainer for me to participate with Women for Justice-another opportunity to voice for justice, for decency, for all living things.

Organizing for communities living on the front lines of the fossil fuel industry, you learn quickly every angle counts. I truly believe in moving a rock at a time and we will eventually move the whole mountain.

My worry was-will it happen fast enough to save our future.

Thanks to people who are working tirelessly like my sisters of Women for Justice, change is happening quickly! We have plenty of evidence as we witness the rise in numbers of citizens around the world standing up, marching, and resisting. We will keep working and we will keep growing to build that road for an honest, peaceful, safe future.

We are committed to resist!

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Pat Downs, Women for Bernie co-founder, grandmother and retired librarian from California 

Before Bernie announced that spring day, I thought I was going to have to choose the lesser evil for President again.


It wasn't until I was volunteering 40+ hours a week during the campaign that I came to understand how special Bernie really is, and how fortunate I am to be alive in the same era as Bernie Sanders, a once-in-a-lifetime leader recognized not only in our country but around the world.


I got to witness the early days of our political revolution working shoulder to shoulder with our team and many coalition partners. We made history and lifelong friendships.


Of course we were disillusioned and heartbroken when Bernie was not nominated as our candidate. But we carried on because HE did and because by then we knew WE were truly our only hope.


Now I spend my days learning and sharing and making a difference.

Thanks for giving me PURPOSE in this season of my life, Bernie.

Suzanne Horrocks, Women for Justice Founder, Events and Facebook Editor from Texas 

It was the beginning of some beautiful, inspiring, comforting friendships that have lasted far past Bernie's campaign.

My tapestry of friends, activists, concerned citizens, and fellow volunteers has expanded exponentially.

For that, I will be eternally grateful to Senator Sanders.

Joyce McDonald, WfJ Founder, Grandmother and Facebook Editor from Maryland 

I wasn’t fully asleep, but I was dozing.

Thank you Bernie for waking all of us up!!

I can’t imagine how much worse it would be without you!!!

I have hoped for the Revolution, and proud to be part of it.

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Helena Sorus, WfJ Founder, Mother and Facebook Editor from California 

I had been aware of Bernie for a number of years, but it was when he filibustered the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts that I first knew I wanted him to be my President.
I whooped when he announced his campaign!
I joined Women for Bernie Sanders when the call for volunteers was placed a few weeks later and got involved in the campaign locally.
I watched with pride as Bernie's message started to spread, and I watch with pride now as he continues to stand up boldly.

He doesn't merely defend our rights; he encourages us to continue to seek out ways to better our communities and our country.

Misty Esparza Wehler, WfJ Founder, Main FB page Editor, Graphic Artist is from Texas.

The first time I ever heard Bernie Sanders, was when I just happened to tune into the Thom Hartmann show during a Brunch with Bernie segment, maybe 12 years ago.

I grew up in West Texas, where there was absolutely no outlet for things like liberal or Progressive radio, so I wasn't really exposed to things like that until I was in my late teens/early 20's.

I was living in Austin by the time I tuned into this episode of Thom Hartmann, who I had never even heard of before, but I was checking out the talk radio on my satellite radio during a long commute to work.

I was starved for Bernie the next week while I had to wait until Friday to hear him again on the radio.

I was an instant fan, and spent Friday mornings from that point on driving to the airport to work with tears streaming down my cheeks, sometimes poignantly and sometimes from sheer joy.

What a wonderful human being.

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The Great American Political Revolution began two years ago today because Bernie Sanders stepped up to educate and empower millions of Americans.

Thank you, Bernie.

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