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Virtual Events Mean We ALL Have a Place in the Revolution

by Suzanne Horrocks

Women For Justice has begun hosting online-only educational events, starting with the Virtual Women’s Strike in March.

We continued the practice for World Water Day, and are now hosting a virtual Earth Day event.

We feel it is an important service to provide for individuals who are unable to attend an event in person. Women for Justice embraces and represents our diversity: from new parents, to students, to working people, poor people, physically challenged people, people with emotional challenges, and older people, as well as physically, emotionally, and economically capable people who have no difficulties attending events in person. It’s the people with challenges we hope to accommodate with our online events.

It’s an opportunity for everyone to be included, informed, and engaged.

Everyone has a place in the revolution.

Everyone has a passion.

Everyone has a vote.

Everyone has a stake in the future, and in the present.

We strive to be inclusive.

Women For Justice was born online and remains an online only organization.

It seems fitting that we host online only events.

Suzanne Horrocks is a founding member of Women for Justice. 'When I needed the social safety net for my young daughter, I vowed to pay it forward someday. Being an activist is my way of doing that.'

Women for Justice is an all-volunteer team. Please support our work by sharing and subscribing to our newsletter (below).

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