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What Now?

by Pat Downs

Two months into the Trump Administration, there are literally dozens of things we can be outraged about each day.

Outrage overload is not an option in this political revolution.

After yesterday's phenomenal International Women's Day #DayWithoutAWoman actions, a friend asked me 'What now?'

Good question.

Here's my response, for what it's worth.

[Standard disclaimer: These are my opinions, not endorsed by Women for Justice]

Keep informed.

We all have opinions but we live in an era when facts are at a premium.

I look a many different source but one I trust implicitly: Democracy Now!

A new source that's promising: WTF Just Happened Today?

Do what you do best.

If you can write, write!

If you can make videos, do that.

We need more stories from grassroots women and our allies.

If you can meme or make posters or take photos, do that.

Use whatever tools you have to personalize and amplify the struggle.

Bernie's orgs are mostly post-partisan so no matter if you are #DemEnter or #DemExit, you can follow and support Our Revolution and Brand New Congress. They are doing important work helping us keep track of important policy and ballot measures as well as vetting candidates who share values that keep our legislators accountable to The People.

And maybe even more important: follow and support your Local Berniecrats.

School board, city council, mayor, et al.

Thousands of Berniecrats have stepped up. We need to support them.

Beyond that, take stock and consider what you can do for the cause that is sustainable for you and your obligations?

What can you do that's needed?

What do you have a real passion for?

You could:

>>> Run for local office.

>>> Or if you're not able to run, help someone else win.

Local Berniecrats and She Should Run are good resources.

>>> Look at the ballot measures Our Revolution is working on in your state and join the effort to pass/oppose. Be a champion for a cause that will make a big difference in your state.

My two cents on what we should NOT be doing: antagonizing Trump supporters.

That's a huge distraction.

Besides, we need to bring into the fold any who may eventually have a change of heart.

Let's be like Bernie and draw the circle bigger.

Another caution: Organizers planning marches, petitions, rallies, campaigns, need to work together as much as we can to leverage limited resources and not compete with other progressive orgs.

What now and forevermore?

Support other women, where they are on their activist journey and what matters to them.

Okay, maybe most important when considering What Now?

Don't burn out.

Take care of yourself! Too many activists are no longer so active because they flamed out doing amazing work but couldn't balance the need for healthy lifestyle--eating right, sleeping, and exercise. Social. Fun. Family. Work. Faith.

We all have our own formula for what keeps us thriving.

Author and political warrior Audre Lorde got it right. Self-care is essential.

So what's your answer to 'What now?'

Leave a comment and let us know what you're thinking.

Pat Downs is a retired library administrator and a full-time volunteer at Women for Justice.

Women for Justice is an all-volunteer crew of a couple dozen activists.

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