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Why This Woman is DONE with DEMs

By Laura Harrington -

The opinions expressed are personal and not necessarily shared by Women for Justice

· Democratic Party

You had your chance and you blew it.

I have been an independent voter (uncommitted) for as long as I have been of voting age and that has been since 1966. 

When Bernie Sanders came along, I listened to his message and was hooked. I understood intellectually why he decided to tie his campaign to the DEM party. I was all set to consider converting to the Democratic party, when and if Bernie Sanders became president. My family was all on board the Bernie train. I worked volunteering for Bernie from the start. I phoned banked for Bernie as part of the party primary. The phone bank included trying to sway people, who were unregistered or registered to another party, to consider the Democratic Party candidate. 

After Bernie did not clinch the nomination, I was willing to follow his lead and vote for the party choice. I was less likely to convert but might have been swayed, until it became abundantly clear what a corrupted self-centered group of people were at the core of this political organization. 

How DARE you steal the election and my vote and give it to someone of your choice. That was not your right.

Regardless, Bernie being my political advisor, and based on who had won the nomination on the other side, I followed Bernie's lead and cast my vote accordingly. As more and more information was released about party antics behind the scenes I became angry at how you used me and Bernie. 

The most insulting thing of all is that there has never been an admission or an apology or even a hint of remorse and the party liners and elites are continuing to blame everyone (Putin), every group (Wikileaks), every other party (Green) and even Bernie for the failure, of one of the most disliked and mistrusted candidates of all time, to secure the presidency. It matters not if I believe or go along with those beliefs. It is and was a fact of which the party was fully aware.

Last but not least, the party could not even secure a significant win for itself after the election, which would have been an important political victory as Trump came into office, by approving the bi-partisan supported amendment that Bernie Sanders championed. While 12 republicans supported it, 13 democrats did not and so it failed. The reason given by some, with great political aspirations and large donations from pharmaceutical companies, was safety. No one believes, or that anyone in our congress thinks, that drugs purchased through Canada, originating in the United States, are a safety concern. If the reason is not concern for their own donations then maybe, just maybe, a grudge is still being held.

I am getting emails and phone calls and mailers and am sick of hearing from you.


I do not give you any indication that I care.

I do not and will not respond.

I believe the best course of action is a new party. Not The Green, they had no real platform. Not Libertarian, they could not even find a reasonable candidate. I think a party of and for the people is in order and that surely is not the Democratic Party.

I will be looking for political leadership and do hope that Bernie will provide that outside the realm of the DEM party going forward.

Blogger Laura Harrington is a founding member of Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 and Women for Justice. 'After 35 years as an IT professional at HP, I retired to volunteering as a Webmaster & Social Media Coordinator for several non profits, like LCI (Lions Clubs) and HFH (Habitat for Humanity). I was drawn to this work by the emergence of Bernie Sanders who I believed was a once in a lifetime candidate. By continuing this work I hope to be a part of furthering the causes of Equal Rights and Human Rights.'

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